We are pleased to announce that this term we were able to take a new intake of 13 children into KG1 - we will build a temporary classroom to the side of the school to house the pupils. This brings us up to 11 classes being taught. 

The children have just received some exam results which were all encouraging with Shiela Nyagaka coming top overall between our school and another local school. We need to work harder on English, Maths and Kiswahili. This is very helpful to us and will enable us to focus our teaching accordingly.

Michael and I have also just received some exam results which we have passed with myself gaining 92%, 88% and 97% and Micheal gaining 92%, 60% and 86%. Our next exams will be during the Easter Holidays. We are very grateful for you allowing us to study.

We now have 8 students in the top class who will be ready to go to secondary school this year, we must therefore work out what we will do and how this will happen. 

We would very much like to request two extra teachers if we can and would also like the provision of breakfast to the pupils as well. A visit from one of our trustees would be lovely as we always like to see you and show you what we are doing, this will also help us see what we are not achieving for you.

As always thank you for all you do for us.