Dave Cullen CEO of Euro Car Parks visited Kenya on holiday with his wife. Whilst there Dave had to spend a short period of time in hospital.


He got talking to one of the nurses who told him her story. She was a young 24 year old single mother. Many of her friends and their children have AIDS and numerous have already died. She earns €80 per month and after her living costs and rent, she had €15 to provide for food and basics.

This still did not leave enough to send her daughter to school so she couldn’t make ends meet. She did feel though that she was one of the luckier ones because she had a job and she had received her training. She feared for her daughter as she realised that some form of education was vital as a lifeline.

After Dave returned from holiday he investigated as to how to help the nurse he met and people who live in the slums of Mombasa. Dave contacted the Bombolulu School of Promise to see what he could do.

Dave's idea for raising money for the charity was inspirational. He got together with the Trustees and put together an information pack about his experience and the work that the Bombolulu School of Promise does. He then contacted all the staff at Euro Car Parks to see if they would like to donate €1 or €2 per week to help the charity provide the vital education and support the children needed. For every €1 that is donated by the staff, Euro Car Parks match it so this doubles the contribution that Euro Car Parks makes to the charity. 

Euro Car Parks not only want to be involved with the fund raising side they also intend to send representatives from the company to visit the school and see first hand how the money they are raising is being used. We look forward to welcoming the staff of Euro Car Parks to the school for many years to come. 

Our thanks go out to Dave Cullen and all the Staff for their kind generosity and continuing support.

Wakefields a local sussex family jewellers have been continued sponsors of Bombolulu.

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