Bombolulu School of Promise is a charity who provides education to the children living in the slums of Mombasa, Kenya.

The cost of uniforms, books and transportation is often too expensive for many families living in the slums of Africa. As a result, their children are unable to access quality goverment education. 


Thanks to you, today we have over 100 children being educated in our school. Our five devoted teachers are now full time employees and contiue to make the school a place of nuture and support.


What started out as a church hall, is now a clean, dry building with running water, electricity and a library. We have achieved so much to date but have a long way to go if we want to help more children.


Our Bombolulu Food Programme

The food programme was identified as a requirement at the school as many of the pupils were malnourished and therefore having trouble to retain what they were being taught.

In 2007 two of our trustees went out and set up the food programme, which commenced with breakfast of fruit every day, porridge 3 days a week and a cup of tea 2 days a week.

We now operate a lunch menu as it was difficult to prepare all the food before school. We aim to provide meat at least once a week and ensure they are always served a hot meal.

We employ a cook, called Priscilla, who comes in and cooks the lunch every day. Our food programme is sponsored by individual donators for which we are very grateful and thank very much for their continued support.


If you would be interested in supporting the food programme please visit our donations page or contact us. 


School Menu


rice & beans


muthokoi (maize & beans)


ugali & veg

rice & beans


muthokoi (maize & beans)​​