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Jambo all,

I am happy to write to give you my comments about my former school, Bombolulu School of Promise.

First of all, let me thank all the well wishers of the school for making my primary education successful. I was at the school for 4 years and because of the donors. We had text books, lunch and humble time for my studies.

I come from a family of 4 children. I being the oldest, Simon, Ivy and David. They both learn at that same school. My dad is physically disabled and it was a big problem for him to make us learn but because of Bombolulu School of Promise, my parents have a promise in future.

When I did my national exams, I was the best in the school. I thank all the staff working there for their determination to school and children. I am now in high school and I would like to be a doctor when I finish my schooling.



Bye, Shilla

I am writing to you so as to give thanks for your aid. You have helped us a lot concerning education matters. You have helped us see the light of education. In our school we have all sorts of things we need. There is sufficient supply of electricity , adequate supply of water, enough text books, reference books, journals and electronic computers.

At our home we don’t even have a radio as we are as poor as church mice and we often go hungry.. the food which you provide us at school is my breakfast and supper.

Sylvia Nyariki Aged 11

“I now take this opportunity to thank you for all the support you have given us.. first I thank you for the free education facility and learning requirements such as text books . This has greatly helped many pupils here in Mombasa , for many parents are not able to support their children with education.

Nickson Munene Aged 13 Class 8

I have a lot of reasons to give you a lot of thanks. First you have provided us with some classes , desks, lockers , text books and story books. You have also helped us with food and taps for providing water for us.


If it could not be you to provide food for us we would struggle because some of our parents are unable to provide us breakfast and supper everyday, that’s why I am thanking you for providing us food for lunch.


We are very happy because of your kindness.

Lucy Kalekye Aged 13 Class 7

I am happy to see what you have done in our lives and in our school . Thank you for the text books, food and the exercise books you have bought for us . I was as happy as a king to see what you have done

At our home we don’t even have a radio as we are as poor as church mice and we often go hungry.. the food which you provide us at school is my breakfast and supper.

Zanella Martin Aged 14 Class 7

Since I joined this school I have seen many different changes in this beautiful school. I remember very well when I came to this school when I was in class one but now I am in class eight. This is because of your support I thank you so much.

Emmanuel Class 8

The aim of this letter is to thank you very much. The books you bought they helped us very much. The taps were fixed and we now have clean water in our school. Our teachers teach us good.


I’ve been at the school for six years. I also want to thank you for lunch that we have at the school.

Elizabeth Mukai Aged 14 Class 6

I thank you because you have assisted us very much . At past we did not have enough books at school and we did not have computers but you have decided to buy them for us. Thank you for the clothes and food .. I thank you for supporting me at school.

Marion Diziki Aged 13 Class 8

I have written this letter to say thank you for what you have been doing for us. I am happy as a king because of what you have done for us. You bought for us text books, exercise books pens , pencils, rubbers, rulers, chairs, desks, lockers, cardboard and the charts… you bought for school food to eat like mixture of maize and beans and rice and beans

Emmanuel Kalume Aged 13 Class 7

I thank you for providing us with free education facilities. As you know our parents cannot afford to pay school fees , however you have been a strong tower to us.


The out going class 8 pupils 2013 vow to work hard in order to clinch success .


They have appreciated the support to nurture their future dreams with confidence. They believe that success at school is the key to a better life.

Paul Muange (Head Boy) Class 8

I give abundant thanks for enabling me to learn .. you have greatly helped the whole school by providing food, clothes and water .


For you know that most of our parents are unable to provide their children with them.

Lewis Class 8

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