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2007 VISIT

Two trustees with their family were  at the school for the last two weeks of November. They found that the school was running very smoothly and that the children were in the middle of their end of term exams. We noted that the standard of education is continuing to rise and were particularly pleased that all children in the top class now read and write English well. After their end of term exams the children put on a show for the trustees and some other visitors who had made donations to the school.
During the stay, negotiations took place with the landlady resulting in plans for our head teacher to move out of the school into one of the other rooms onsite which frees up a fifth classroom for our new intake in January. We are still in the process of negotiating an extension of an additional 5 years on our lease which will enable us to carry out more repairs and general improvements to the school. This has been put on hold until the current troubles in Kenya are over.

With the new intake in January and close examination of the current timetable and teacher allocation it was deemed necessary to employ a new teacher starting from this January, we have asked Pamela to find a trainee teacher in their last year at college to fill this post.

As the school was looking scruffy and various things have been broken or damaged we have employed a maintenance manager to look after and improve the school, he is on a three month trial to be reviewed by trustees visiting in February 2008.

The school was taken on an outing to Haller Park to see animals native to their country, this was enjoyed by all and the following day at school they drew pictures about their day out.

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