As a charity every penny donated goes towards the school, assisting the children and teachers who we now pay a small salary.


No trustees or charity supporters will at any stage receive money from the charity for any purpose, including expenses.

Our vision is to provide a learning environment that is stimulating and challenging for children who do not have the financial means to access education.


Enabling them to develop knowledge and practical skills to reach their full potential, will create a wider range of choices for their future.

We aim to: 

  • Provide a secure building for the school.

  • Provide electricity, clean water & toilets.

  • Provide educational materials.

  • Raise the standard of education through training and support for the teachers.

  • Develop the creativity of the children through the arts & crafts.

  • Provide financial assistance to teachers.

  • Provide food for the children.

  • Follow the national curriculum.

  • Ensure no discrimination in the school. 

Future Projects

(for which we're saving)

New Classrooms 

Playground equipment 

Breakfast Programme 

More Library Books

Educational Materials