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2009 VISIT

Myself and two friends, Hannah and Rose, travelled to Kenya shortly after finishing university in order to gain some volunteering experience and witness a different culture. 

On arrival at the school we were given a warm welcome and had soon been introduced to all the staff and all 95 children. Their hospitality and kindness was to continue throughout our two week stay and by the time it came to go home none of us wanted to leave. 

We spent our time at the school assisting with the teaching and even conducting our own lessons. With the younger children we had plenty of fun learning music and English as well as setting them arts and crafts activities. They especially enjoyed the plasticine  and all the new crayons and art materials we took with us. 

With the older children who were more able to speak English, we spent time teaching more traditional subjects like science, and also social studies- a mixture of politics, history and geography. It was great fun when we let them ask us anything they wanted to, and they absolutely loved learning about different cultures and life outside of Kenya.

Our favourite time was break time, when all the children of all different ages would play together, much to our surprise. Their group singing and dancing was really impressive and we still had their songs ringing in our ears on the plane home. Every lunch time they were provided with a substantial meal, and we were invited to join them on many occasions. 

Before we left, we organised a party for our final full day. We bought plenty of food including cake and spaghetti and meat (a special treat) as well as decorations, and left the entertainment to the teachers. When the day came it became apparent that the children had been practising dancing and acting everyday after school so they could put on a show for us. They wore face paints and traditional Kenyan costumes and provided us with a fantastic display of Kenyan culture and even got us joining in with the dancing. When it was time to go, the children all sang us thank you songs even though we felt like the lucky ones. 

Our experience of Kenya and the Bombolulu School of Promise was one that none of us shall ever forget. The children were so happy and so well behaved, and the teachers became good friends of ours. All this made it very hard for us to say goodbye…but we are already looking forward to our next trip!

Becky Moss

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