2015 Update

The trustees of the Bombolulu School of Promise are pleased to be able provide you an update for the  past year.

In many ways it has been a challenging year at the school with security fears affecting the ability of trustees and volunteers from visiting  Mombasa for the early parts of the year and more recently we have had to make changes to the personnel at the school. After ten years at the school our  Head Mistress, Pamela, left  without notice  in October . Two of our Trustees had to, as a matter of urgency,  visit Mombasa with a view to undertaking a staff reorganisation and recruitment of a new teacher and a House Mistress to take care of the childrens’ welfare and to run the orphanage.   We’re pleased to advise these changes appear to be working well with staff settling into their new roles superbly   and we believe the new structure will lead to an even better environment for the education & welfare of the children.


The good news from the Trustees visit was that the school is functioning well with the children happily attending school every day   in addition to which  the education standards appear to be improving . Certainly the results our pupils are gaining in the National examinations bear this out with another 5 pupils earlier this year achieving grades enabling them to continue into secondary education.   The school is extremely well respected in the area with demand for places continuing to exceed those available. As such we  have reiterated the importance of ensuring places are reserved for the most disadvantaged children in the community who would otherwise not be able to access any form of  education. 


We continue to manage our pupil intake to ensure we have attendances of circa 100 pupils. Following   the recent organisation changes we continue to employ  5 teachers along with a cook, a House Mistress, and a security/maintenance man . All roles are recruited from the local community and in the latter 3 roles are parents of our pupils.


The welfare of the children remains important to us and as such we continue to enhance the amenities at the school ensuring a stimulating and safe environment in which to play . Our food program remains sponsored and fully funded enabling us to provide a cooked meal everyday to each of the pupils, for many their only meal of the day.  Furthermore the ability to provide accommodation at the school in our orphanage continues to provide heart warming stories of enabling us to bring siblings together.


Our senior teacher, Ruth, who we have funded to attend college for the past 3 years is currently undertaking her final university teaching exams and we wish her well.  We believe it is important to invest in our staff ensuring they are able to provide the best possible tuition to their  pupils. We also have seven pupils who have just completed their National exams prior to their leaving our School, again we wish them well and we funded a leaving party for them which   they absolutely loved.


Due to the incredible generosity of  so many people  we have been able fund 18 pupils through into secondary school to date . Three successfully completed their education last year with at least one going onto university . This year we have four ex pupils taking their final exams at secondary school and we  are currently waiting on their results.  How to support our pupils into secondary education is an ongoing concern for the charity but the generous support of sponsors has certainly ensured a life changing opportunity being made available for several children.


In summary we are delighted in the way the school is progressing and continuing to provide education and  care  to so many disadvantaged children.  This is only possible with the generous assistance of our many supporters and we thank you all for your continued support.