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December 2014 Update

The trustees are pleased to be able to provide an update for the Bombolulu School of Promise charity for the year ended December 2014. The past year has been particularly difficult with the economic and security situation in Kenya having become increasingly turbulent . Despite the difficulties this creates for the charity we have again had a remarkably successful year with a number of important projects having been undertaken at the school and progress made in terms of improving the education and welfare of the children attending our school .

In terms of major projects having been completed this year we have built a well equipped playground at the school providing a safe stimulating environment for the children. I suspect this is one of the many reasons why the children come to the school during their holidays and stay after school closes each day! We have also been able to replace the roof at the school , the old roof was leaking dreadfully, whilst at the same time installing fans in the ceiling . The heat in the school has been overwhelming at times and clearly detrimental to the children’s ability to learn so the ceiling fans will make a significant difference. In view of the security concerns we have also had to invest in a new substantial security gate at the school which will ensure a more secure environment . More recently we have just completed the repainting and refurbishment of the schools exterior walls to both improve its appearance and to protect the infrastructure. Finally we have invested a substantial amount in re equipping the school with the necessary text books and minor furniture items. This substantial investment in the infrastructure at the school has been made possible by the huge generosity of two individuals, one of whom undertook a fund raising expedition climbing Kilimanjaro on behalf of the charity, their efforts and generosity has made a huge difference and for which we are very grateful.

As mentioned in our interim update the quality of the education provided by our school has been recognised by authorities when we were rated as average during a school inspection. Apparently this compares highly against many of the local state schools and was a very welcome result for our first ever inspection. We have had seven pupils undertaking their national exams this December and we are currently awaiting their results with high expectations. Hopefully we will be able to assist some of these into secondary education through our sponsorship program. We have 15 ex pupils currently sponsored into secondary education although 4 of these have taken their final exams this December . This has been quite a highlight for the charity having seen its first pupils now completing their education and obviously a massive thank you to those individuals who have sponsored them throughout their education.

We would like to formally acknowledge and thank The DoingGooode Foundation based in the Netherlands who support our charity and have provided European volunteers to the school for many years. Unfortunately in view of the security issues they have recently advised us they cannot continue to work with us until the situation improves . This will be a great loss but is obviously understandable.

In summary the education and welfare of the children continues to improve, our teachers are better qualified and the school better equipped than ever before whilst the desperately needed food program remains ongoing. All of this made possible by your continued generous support . So on behalf of all the trustees, staff and children at the Bombolulu School of Promise we’d like to say thank you and of course to wish you Seasons Greetings.

August 2014 Update

The trustees are pleased to be able to provide our 2014 Summer update for the Bombolulu School of Promise charity.

Despite the extremely difficult situation being faced in Kenya at the moment the school continues to operate successfully and remains a life changing opportunity for many of our pupils. The recent terrorist incidents in Mombasa , including one at a beach hotel only 2 miles away, is preventing many tourists from visiting Mombasa and is having a devastating effect on the ability of many of the families of our pupils from making a living . Our school and the welfare that we provide to the children has therefore never been more important.

Trustees have visited the school this Spring and were able to witness the completion of our new school playground. Its completion is being generously financed by a regular supporter of the charity who is climbing Kilimanjaro later this year to raise the necessary funds. It was wonderful to witness the children play on swings and at netball in a safe clean environment. We intend to provide additional ball games and other activities as soon as further funding allows.

The other major project that has been undertaken recently is the construction of a new roof for the school . During the above trustee visit life at the school was witnessed in heavy rainfall, it included watching the children taking it in turns to empty buckets and wheelbarrows full of rain water that was pouring from holes in the ceiling. We are grateful to one of our major sponsors who has generously funded the entire cost of the works involved in replacing the roof and ceilings. This work was completed this month and I know the Head Mistress is absolutely delighted with the results.

Funding the continuous education of our teachers to improve the education we provide to our pupils has always been an aim of the charity. Accordingly we are delighted that two of our teachers successfully completed their teaching Diplomas earlier this year . In addition two of our other teachers are now commencing their final year doing a home University course to obtain their professional teaching degrees.

We are pleased to advise that 3 of our final year students successfully achieved their National Examinations this January enabling them to continue into secondary education. In fact our Head Boy achieved amongst the highest marks in the country and was awarded a scholarship by a national bank. We are grateful that we also found sponsors to fund the other two pupils into secondary education. We now have 15 ex pupils sponsored into secondary schools of which 4 are in their final year.

One of the ongoing challenges we face is raising the standards of education and cultural awareness amongst our children by having European volunteers at our school. I’d therefore like to recognise the tremendous support we get from The DoingGooode Foundation in the Netherlands who regularly send volunteers to our school . In fact only recently despite the difficulties and dangers in the country we have had volunteers at the school which is hugely appreciated.

The day to day running of the school and quality of education provided continues to improve and we remain delighted with the progress both the teachers and pupils are making. We currently have 95 pupils, 5 teachers, our maintenance/security man and of course our cook who manages to provide nutritious meals everyday to everyone at the school.

As always on behalf of all the trustees, staff and children at the Bombolulu school of Promise we’d like to thank you for your continued generous support . The achievements made would not have been possible without your help.

Examination Success January 2014

We are delighted to advise of further examination success this year for both our pupils and teachers.

Two of our teachers , Daniel and Miriam , have successfully completed their Certificates of Childhood Development & Education , a two year course which has resulted in their achieving recognised national teaching qualifications . We are confident this will enable the charity to provide an even higher standard of education to our pupils.

We are again pleased to advise that 3 of our final year students successfully achieved their national examinations enabling them to continue onto secondary education . In fact our Head Boy , Paul , achieved amongst the highest marks in the country and has been chosen by a Kenyan National Bank to sponsor for the remainder of his secondary education . This is a scheme they run for the brightest most disadvantaged children in the country . We are of course delighted for Paul and the other two pupils , both of whom will continue onto secondary education due to the kind offers of sponsorship we have received for them .

We now have 15 ex pupils sponsored through secondary schools , some of whom are achieving outstanding results in their new schools. A testament to the quality of teaching that we are now able to provide at the Bombolulu School of Promise .

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