Message from Shilla Moraa Nyagaka

A message we have received from Shilla Moraa Nyagaka, who was a pupil at the school until last year and now attends a state run Secondary School. Shilla was our star performer last year and achieved the highest marks in the National Examinations. We are delighted to hear from her and that she is continuing to make excellent progress in her academic studies.

"Jambo All,

I am happy to write to give you my comments about my former school, Bombolulu School of Promise.

First of all, let me thank all the well wishers of the school for making my primary education successful. I was at the school for 4years and because of the donors,we had text books, lunch and humble time for my studies.

I come from a family of 4 children.I being the oldest,Simon,Ivy and David. They both learn at that same school.My dad is physically disable and it was a big problem for him to make us learn but because of bombolulu school of promise,My parents have a promise in future.

When I did my national exams,I was the best in the school.I thank all the staff working there for their determination to school and children.I am now in high school and I would like to be a doctor when I finish my schooling.



Bye, Shilla


Spring 2012 Update

Following a recent visit to the school by one of the Trustees we are delighted to be able provide an extremely positive update in respect of the schools’ progress over the past year and since the acquisition of the new property earlier this year.

The generous support of both individual donors and one of our main sponsors, EuroCarParks, has enabled us to make tremendous progress with the renovation of the property. Mains electricity and water has been provided to the school and structural repairs to the roof and windows have been undertaken. Most recently we completed the construction of a wall around the property providing security to the children and safeguarding the school. Whilst there are a number of further projects required, including the construction of borehole providing a constant supply of water and a further extension to the property to facilitate accommodation for orphans we look after , in general the school is looking supurb.

A special thankyou has to go to the Doingoood foundation , a Netherlands based charity who over the past year have provided a huge amount of assistance to our school. In addition to providing volunteer teachers to the school, their volunteers have also financed and undertaken the repainting & redecoration of the entire school which is now looking superb thanks to their efforts. In addition they have also financed the purchase of new classroom furniture for our additional classes. More details about their charity can be found at www.dgfoundation.nl

The school is running extremely smoothly and the new larger property has enabled us to have an extra two classrooms. This has meant we no longer have to share one large classroom for 3 different class years, a situation that inevitably caused a degree of organised chaos in the past . Our five teachers remain committed and motivated and the charity has recently managed to provide them a pay raise, ensuring that we pay them at least the equivalent of the Kenyan minimum wage, circa £70/ month. The school continues to have circa 110 pupils with 9 of those in the top year having taken their National Exams last December . Of these 6 were successful and 5 of these we were able to provide sponsorship for enabling them to attend state run secondary Boarding Schools. All of those children who we sponsored last year have been successful in their secondary school enabling them to move up a year, in fact one of our ex pupils came 8th out of 96 pupils, of which we are very proud. We now have 9 pupils sponsored through secondary education and finding further sponsors to support additional students remains a major challenge to us so any support is always welcome.

In addition to providing the educational needs for the children we continue to assist their well being and our food program remains an important aspect of the charity. The generous support of two individuals has enabled us to increase the funding for this vital activity ensuring each child continues to receive at least one full meal a day. We also support Pamela, our Head Mistress, in caring for a number of orphans who attend our school, ensuring they have basic necessities and providing them accommodation within the school . 


The wonderful achievements at the school outlined above have only been possible due to the tremendous generosity of those individuals and companies that support the charity, so again thank you. 

If you would like to help us commence the urgently needed renovation of the school then please make a donation online via Pay Pal. Any contribution is hugely appreciated and will make a massive difference to the quality of life for so many children.