Update January :  Examination Success 

The Trustees are delighted to be able to advise that we have had the results of the National Government Examinations and that all 7 pupils from our school who undertook these exams successfully passed and achieved marks enabling them to continue into secondary education. We are particularly proud of one of our students who achieved the highest marks within the 74 pupils who attended the local examination centre.

These results are a credit to the dedication of both the pupils and teachers who undertake their schooling in particularly difficult circumstances with very limited resources. This is the first class within our school who have undertaken these exams, many of the children have been with us since the school first opened 7 years ago, so this is a particularly important milestone for the charity. 

The dilemma this has presented the Trustees with is what next for the children.. ?


Our school only provides primary school education yet the charity is keen to ensure these children from severely deprived backgrounds are provided support to enable them to continue in education. We have therefore taken it upon ourselves to seek individual sponsors for each of children who will pay for their education for the next five years. We are delighted to advise that through the generosity of existing supporters of the charity we have successfully placed 5 of the children into a State run Boarding School, Nyakongo High School, where they will be able to complete their formal education in a safe and stable environment. This is particular important for 4 of the children who are orphans and therefore face additional problems. The charity is currently financing the remaining two children to continue in a local secondary school. Not surprisingly the remaining children at our school are hugely excited and optimistic about their future and their enthusiasm for learning is wonderful to witness. 

The charity is hopeful to continue to adopt this approach of sponsoring pupils through secondary education as they leave our school, though can only do this through the generous support of sponsors. Costs are circa £250 per year to attend Boarding School and £80 to attend a local day school. If you feel you may be able to provide this support we would be delighted to hear from you at donate@bombolulu.org

Exam Results:

Shilla Nyagaka 351 

James Odhiambo 314

Edith Okello 268

Winnie Ngoa 266

Moses Mkuna 258

Francis Ambuche 207

Elijah Dauglas 198