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Early in 2007 we recruited Ruth, a qualified music teacher, to replace Laurent who left us. We purchased a keyboard for her to teach the children with.

In February 2007 two very loyal volunteers visited the school again and took the children on a school trip to Ngomongo Village. Read more about their trip in latest news, visits.

Following this visit the school became officially registered with the government education authorities, this meaning the children can now sit recognised national exams and that the teaching must be kept up to government standards with an annual inspection. 

In the summer of 2007 a couple who are friends of the charity had their 40th and 50th birthday celebrations and decided that their birthday presents were to be in the form of donations to the charity and that on an ongoing basis they would support the food programme. As a result of this injection of investment, Hugh and his son in law went to the school to set up the food programme, the kitchen equipment all purchased, cooking area built and a suitable menu put in place.

In November 2007 Jacqui, Geoff and some of their family went out to visit the school. They noted how the standard of education was improving especially noting how well the older children could now read and write in english. An extra classroom was generated by negotiating teacher accommodation outside the school. A school trip to Haller Park was organised during their visit.

Two more teachers were employed at the end of 2007, one to replace a teacher who left, and another to increase our ability to take on more younger children. We also employed a maintenance man to ensure that the school was kept in good repair and not neglected.

A lot of violent political troubles broke out in Kenya at the end of 2007. The school was not directly affected however it was decided to keep it closed until the troubles were over. The school reopened two weeks late after the christmas holidays. Our head teacher Pamela was also unable to return from up country following christmas visits to family.

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