During another charity visit by Jacqueline in March 2006 a permanent building was found for the school. The building is secure so we are able to provide and store more materials, the school has electricity and water. There is a safe area in which the children can play outside.

When we moved to the new school Rose decided not to come with us and carried on with the education in her existing school. We are very grateful for what she has taught us and wish her well in her school. Two of the teachers, Pamela and Mercy, did transfer with us to our new school. 

All the children and teachers were very excited about the new building and all set about cleaning and improving the new school with enthusiasm. The children explored the building and finding delights such as shower and flush toilets, things many of them will never have seen before. Desks and chairs were ordered so that the children no longer had to sit on the floor. Due to the size of the new building we were able to split the school into age groups with each class taught in a separate room.

Another teacher, Laurent, was employed to replace the teaching place of Rose. The education of more children commenced once again in our new school. 

The number of pupils rapidly rose to 80, highlighting the desperate need for a school such as this. In early September we employed a part time qualified teacher, Kenny - bringing the total number of teachers to four. Pamela and Mercy who were unqualified commenced their teacher training, sponsored through the charity. 

In September two trustees visited the school for the first time. They took clothes, books, toys, teaching aids and plenty of enthusiasm with them. One trustee taught geography to the older schools relieving a teacher to go off site and sort out some registration issues. Whilst they were there new blackboards were built and put up and many other practical things completed. It was also another great opportunity to spend time with the teachers to resolve and discuss issues. 

In November some volunteers visited the school for the second time, taking with them more clothes and school supplies. During their visit they formally organised the registration with the Kenyan authorities of the school and arranged for the water to be plumbed properly into the school. They spent a lot of time organising the teachers into some standard routines and teaching the children.